Innovation Program

The Innovation Program

Our custom-designed Innovation Programs enable startups, enterprises, and government institutions to develop enterprise-grade solutions and decentralized applications using Blockchain/DLT. The program is typically structured over 5-years and designed to ensure the long-term strategic objectives are achieved in terms of technology adoption, increased utilization, and economic impact.

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(Learn & Discover)

(Visualize & Design)

(Develop & Deploy)

The program is designed and structured based on three essential stages of innovation, which are cohesively integrated into a professional training and development program. Each stage addresses specific activities to be completed by program participants within a given timeline and allocated budget.

© 2022 SDAI - Hashgraph Innovation Program

Learn & Discover (3-5 Days): Focused on the “knowledge transfer” and begins with calibrating the right “digital mindset” through an on-site ½ Day Mindset Training, which is subsequently followed by a 1-Day Ideation Workshop to define possible strategic options for Phase-2 (Visualize & Design).

Visualize & Design (3-4 Weeks): Tailored innovation workshops based on the output of Phase-1 and focused on design-thinking, business model design, value proposition, and potential monetization and commercialization options. This phase encompasses the development of a “Proof-of-Concept (PoC)”.

Develop & Deploy (6-12 Months): This final phase is focused on solutioneering and development of a “Minimum Viable Product (MVP)”, and includes technology integration, project planning, resource mobilization, business case development, investment/valuation model, and the go-to-market strategy.

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