Executive Program

Today’s business leaders need good understanding of the business impact of disruptive technologies such as Blockchain/DLT as well as the ability to manage organizational change and the uncertainties of such digital revolution, including mitigating the potential risks of becoming irrelevant due to inaction.

Our Executive Program offers business leaders the necessary skills and tools to adapt and lead their organisations through digital transformation, leveraging data, technology, and innovation to achieve sustainable competitive advantage in a rapidly-evolving tokenized and decentralized economy.

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Leadership Workshop
(½ Day)

Management Workshop

The training program for the Leadership Workshop (½ Day) is primarily focused on the business impact, and is complemented with high-level insights into the technology and the tactical aspects to be taken into consideration by business leaders when formulating their digital business strategy.

The training program for the Management Workshop (1-Day) is primarily centered around building an ideation use case for a new innovative product/service to be considered for the business. The program includes understanding the business impact, technical insights, and academic perspectives.

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Program Overview

Attain basic understanding of the consensus models and frameworks of Blockchain/DLT.

Understand the impact on your business and future opportunities in a decentralized economy.

Identify and evaluate new business models, digital strategies, and monetization possibilities.

Learn industry best practices from experienced practitioners, industry experts, and academics.

Training Details

Max. 10 Participants

On-Premise or Online

Classroom Environment

Fixed Fee per Participant (½ Day)

Fixed Fee per Participant (1-Day)

Audience: Executives, Directors, Departmental Heads, Senior Managers, Consulting Partners

Certification: SDAI Chartered Digital Assets Professional (CDAP)