Corporate Program

Adapting to the decentralized and tokenized economy involves implementing the right Blockchain/DLT framework as well as making the right changes in the organization. It’s imperative that organisations implement a corporate-wide digital transformation program, which usually starts with calibrating the right “digital mindset” of the leadership and employees to empower them to positively participate in change.

The Corporate Program delivered by SDAI is custom-designed for each organization based on the industry vertical in which it operates and competes in, allowing a closer relation to its business. The program offers valuable insights and raises awareness of Blockchain/DLT, enabling all employees to familiarize themselves with the opportunities and benefits this game-changing technology brings.

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Basic Training
(½ Day)

Advanced Training
(½ Day)

The Basic Training (½ Day) is focused on providing employees the basic fundamentals for attaining a general understanding of Blockchain/DLT and the main Cryptocurrencies (e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum).

The Advanced Training (½ Day) is focused on demonstrating practical examples and use cases of asset tokenization projects, including the regulatory frameworks available such as the Swiss DLT Act.

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Training Overview



Asset Tokenization

Crypto Regulations

Training Details

Max. 20 Participants

On-Premise or Online

Classroom Environment

Fixed Fee per Participant (Basic)

Fixed Fee per Participant (Advanced)

Audience: Employees, Managers, Advisors, Industry Professionals

Certification: Chartered Digital Assets Professional (CDAP)