Corporate Program

Adapting to the new decentralized and tokenized economy not only involves implementing the right Blockchain/DLT framework but also making the right changes in the organization. To succeed, it’s imperative that organisations implement a corporate-wide digital transformation program, starting with the calibration of the right “digital mindset” for all employees to positively participate in change.

The Corporate Program delivered by SDAI is custom-designed for each organization based on the industry vertical in which it operates and competes in, allowing a closer relation to its business. The program offers valuable insights and raises awareness of Blockchain/DLT, enabling all employees to familiarize themselves with the opportunities and benefits this game-changing technology brings.

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Basic Training
(½ Day)

Advanced Training
(½ Day)

The Basic Training (½ Day) is focused on providing employees the basic fundamentals for attaining a general understanding of Blockchain/DLT and the main Cryptocurrencies (e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum).

The Advanced Training (½ Day) is focused on demonstrating practical examples and use cases of asset tokenization projects, including the regulatory frameworks available such as the Swiss DLT Act.

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Training Overview

Introduction to Blockchain/DLT.

Introduction to Cryptocurrencies.

Introduction to Asset Tokenization.

Introduction Regulatory Frameworks.


Training Details

Max. 20 Participants

On-Premise or Online

Classroom Environment

CHF 650.- per Participant (Basic)

CHF 850.- per Participant (Advanced)

Audience: Employees, Managers, Advisors, Industry Professionals

Certification: Chartered Digital Assets Professional (CDAP)