Swiss Digital Assets Institute


Swiss Digital Assets Institute (SDAI) was founded in 2020 in Canton Schwyz – Switzerland, with the strategic ambition to empower startups, enterprises, and government institutions around the world to adapt to Digital Assets & Decentralized Finance (DeFi). SDAI is focused on calibrating the right “digital mindset” by delivering enterprise-wide and custom-design training and innovation programs based on real-world use cases across multiple industry verticals.


Network: In Jan-2022, SDAI signed a grant agreement worth $16.3m with the US-based and leading DLT network Hedera Hashgraph for the development and global delivery of the «Hashgraph Innovation Program» – a custom-design professional training, education, and innovation program aimed at empowering startups, enterprises, and governments to develop enterprise-grade solutions and decentralized applications (dApps) on the Hedera network.

Enterprise: In Sep-2021, SDAI delivered a corporate-wide training program to Schwyzer Kantonalbank – a live and interactive webinar program (4 x 1-hour over 4-weeks) encompassing four Modules (1. Blockchain/DLT, 2. Cryptocurrencies, 3. Asset Tokenization, 4. Crypto Regulations), in collaboration with CMS Switzerland and the Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences (OST).

⇒ Government: In Aug-2020, in close collaboration with OST University, SDAI designed the «SchwyzTech – Blockchain Innovation» program – a professional training and innovation program designed to enable local Schwyzer startups and enterprises to adapt to Digital Assets and Decentralized Finance (DeFi), which was approved and financed by the New Regional Policy (NRP) of the Canton of Schwyz and the Swiss Federal Government.




Accreditation / Certification

Capstone and Innovation Projects

Working on strategic enterprise projects in close cooperation with select partners to enable participants to gain practical experience. Participants work together in groups alongside our expert Trainers and Mentors to design innovative solutions.

Case Studies and Live Demos

Participants receive select case studies for self-study as part of the course modules beforehand. In the classroom they go in-depth into how such real-life challenges have been handled and gain industry best practices based on project key findings.

Hackathons and Competitions

Co-organizing Hackathons and encouraging participation in various competitions, which allows participants to work on real-world use cases. This offers participants the opportunity to prove themselves and increase their learning experience.

Accreditation & Certification

Standardized course modules to the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS ), qualifying the SDAI training programs and academic offerings to be accreditable modules for advanced studies and elective courses.

Discovery and Tech Forums

Organizing online and onsite events on a regular basis providing space where new emerging concepts "Hot Stuff" in the emerging technologies domain can be presented and exchanged. Global Though Leaders will be invited to speak. 

Exchange Programs

Effective exchange and empowerment programs in collaboration with academic institutions, international organisations, and sovereign wealth funds. This can be integrated with other programs such as Jump Start program for career starter.